Tape That – Tape Art Exhibition

TAPE-THAT – teippitaiteen näyttely.

Goethe-instituutin kutsusta Berliinin katutaidekollektiivi Tape That järjesti kaksipäiväisen työpajan koulujen oppilaille.

Työpajoissa syntyi teippitaideteoksia, jotka ovat Tallinnan televisiotornin sisäänpääsytunnelissa kaikkien katsottavana tammikuun puoliväliin saakka.
Katso televisiotornin gallerioita TÄÄLTÄ

Tape That – Tape Art Exhibition

As part of the art festival for young people Ekspermimenta! and at the invitation of the Goethe-Institut Tape That offered a two-day workshop for pupils of Goethe-Institut partner schools. Tape That and the pupils created Tape Art artworks during the workshop. Also those artworks will be exhibited at the entrance tunnel of the Tallinn TV Tower until the end of December.

 / Mo – Su 10 – 19

TAPE THAT – The art of taping

Tape That is an artist collective from Berlin, Germany, who works with adhesive tape. Their work ranges from complex and colorful tape and light installations to minimalist black and white murals. Their artistic roots can be found in contemporary urban art with influences from street art and graffiti. Inspired by the possibility to create something new out of an everyday object, they mostly work with adhesive tape as a medium and choose different surfaces and venues for their artwork.

Wheather at nightclubs, abandoned buildings, showrooms or in galleries: these are the various places where Tape That strives to push the boundaries of what people perceive possible to do with tape. The artists always involve the surrounding environment when creating each piece, thus ensuring every artwork to be an unique expression that fits within its context.


Tallinna Teletorn, Kloostrimetsa tee 58 A

Live-Performance:  Fr.  03.11.17 / 18:00

Exhibition: 03.11. – 12.1.2018 / Mo – Su 10 – 19

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Organizer:             Goethe-Institut Tallinn

Partner:                 Teletorn, Eksperimenta!

© Tape That Collective

© Tape That Collective

© Tape That Collective

© Tape That Collective

© Tape That Collective

© Tape That Collective

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