Sunrise Concert. Viljandi Guitar Trio

Sunrise Concert. Viljandi Guitar Trio

Jalmar Vabarna, Argo Vals and Jaan Jaago were three guitar students in the fall of 2008 who were participating in guitar studies at Viljandi Culture Academy. Together they felt a special interest in the ideas presented by the leader of the studio, Robert Jürjendal, soon branching out and forming the Viljandi Guitar Trio. The foundation of the group is grounded in Robert Fripp`s acclaimed Guitar Craft method and the unorthodox New Standard Tuning it endorses. Having worked with this school of thought in the studio, the trio felt compelled to extend their own musical agendas inside this framework. This activity and their constantly evolving skill as instrumentalists, improvisers and ensemble players led them to hone their compositions to their fullest potential and record them in the studio. Their acclaimed debut album, “VGT”, was released in March 2011. Trio’s second album, “10-56”, was released in October 2014.

Viljandi Guitar Trio members are:
Jalmar Vabarna – acoustic guitar tuned in fifths
Argo Vals – acoustic guitar tuned in fifths
Jaan Jaago – acoustic guitar tuned in fifths

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  • 15.06.2016
  • 21:00