Base Boogie 2017 & 37th Birthday Party of Tallinn TV Tower

Base Boogie 2017 & 37th Birthday Party of Tallinn TV Tower

Seventy parachutists from 20 countries to plunge off Tallinn TV Tower at landmark’s birthday party

The Tallinn TV Tower marks its birthday from 10 to 12 July with a three-day programme that will see a spectacular BASE Boogie Show featuring 70 extreme athletes from around the world. Most of the skydivers are from Europe, but some are representing countries like the US and Australia

The world has few towers that allow parachuting. Kuala Lumpur’s TV tower is the only other building in its category that has BASE jumping events. The TV Tower’s tradition of celebrating its birthday with a BASE jump event is unique in Europe. “The jumps for three days in a row will be taking place from the 22nd floor observation platform of the TV Tower, at a height of 175 metres,” said Tallinn TV Tower director Riina Roosipuu. “Although we’ve added a retro flavour to our events this summer, no one will be using old parachutes. Besides the BASE jumps, there will be exciting things to do for all tastes, both indoors and outdoors.”

BASE jumping means skydiving from a fixed structure like building, antenna, span or Earth (cliff). The main difference from ordinary skydiving is the height, which instead of the usual 4 km is 50-200 metres in the case of BASE. Only very experienced parachutists are allowed to participate. B.A.S.E Boogie head organizer Aivar Luht said: “Tallinn TV Tower B.A.S.E Boogie is unique in Europe. The event in Tallinn is particularly well-suited as a spectator sport, because one can watch the jumps directly from ground level or from the tower.”

As the keywords for summer 2017 at the TV Tower is 1970s and 1980s nostalgia – backed by exhibitions such as “No Bananas” and another one devoted to women’s house dresses from that period – the old automobile club Unic will be in attendance at the birthday, bringing car models from that period to the party for viewing.



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  • 10.07.2017