Dolores Hoffmann’s stained glass window, which used to decorate the entrance to the Tallinn TV Tower until the renovation, is in a new location on the south side of the tower, as the new architectural solution provided for the opening of the view of the second floor on the front of the tower.

One of the main symbols of the TV tower

The stained glass is placed on the back wall of the new cinema hall, giving a great added value to the interior design of the room. Dolores Hoffmann’s colorful and cheerful stained-glass window has been one of the main symbols of the TV tower, in addition to the cafe, with which people associate the tower. “We wanted the artwork to maintain its integrity and also fit in with the new solutions,” said Riina Roosipuu, former manager of the TV Tower.

Dolores Hoffmann’s stained glass is titled “Television is a window to the world”

It is a window, when you open it, you can learn about almost everything that surrounds us. The reporters depicted in the central part of the stained glass window deliver important messages to the world, while the circles on the stained glass window symbolize telephoto lenses. The artwork uses the primary colors of the television spectrum, which are red, blue and green. The red parts show the world of art, the blue a window to the world of science, and the green the world through the eyes of different generations.