Baltic herring with citrus, rye bread, horseradish and cucumber 7.00
Finnish trout, sour cream and cep cappuccino 9.00
Mustard beets with roasted tofu and hummus 7.00
Crispy lettuce with winter preserves 6.00
Lamb’s liver pâté with goat’s milk butter and sweet onions 9.00
Hiiumaa island venison tartare, blackcurrants and truffle brioche 10.00

“Best ever” blue mussels from the Denmark Sea 12.00
Sweet pea soup with smoked duck 7.00
Estonian wild mushroom broth with sour cream and seaweed salad 7.00
Handmade buckwheat noodles with pistachio & coconut cream 11.00

Corn-fed chicken, crispy vegetables and truffle sauce 14.00
Duck breast with smoked beets and anise raisins 16.00
Latvian beef short-ribs, potato cream and red wine jus 16.00
South-Estonian pork belly with green buckwheat 14.00
Poached Atlantic halibut with cauliflower and trout roe 16.00
Roasted eel with sweet peas and five-spice sauce 22.00

Rosemary crème brûlée with sour cherries and goat’s milk yoghurt 7.00
Ice-cream quartet 6.00
Selection of cakes

Creamy chicken and crispy potatoes 6.00
Fish croquets and mashed potatoes 6.00