Take flight from the TV Tower!

Virtual reality experience “Fly around the TV Tower”

On Tuesday, 10 December, Tallinn TV Tower will open a unique new virtual reality experience, providing visitors with a thrilling adventure. Tallinn TV Tower and Maru VR Productions present: Flight Around the TV Tower.

The adventure will begin at an altitude of 175 metres, close to the edge of the TV tower, and will be followed by a flight around the tower on a UFO-shaped platform. This will provide visitors with a unique opportunity to view the tower from a never-before-seen angle, and enjoy breath-taking views of the city and the surrounding countryside. The virtual reality experience is channelled into special headgear, allowing two people to enjoy the experience at a time. The adventure will last an estimated 10 minutes, depending on how quickly the viewer dares to walk on the tower’s virtual edge and step into the flying machine. Friends and family can watch the experience unfold in real time on the adjacent screen. The adventure is available to everyone aged 6 and up who is healthy enough to enjoy the thrill.


“Virtual reality is a new chance for all those who are afraid of heights and are unable to go to the edge, but yet yearn for an extreme altitude experience during the winter season when the usual edge-walking is unavailable,” said TV Tower’s manager Jüri Kriisemann.


The new attraction has been designed by Estonia’s finest VR developers and built by Maru VR, which is responsible for more than 20 VR solutions, including the interactive guide tour in Tallinn Old Town, the speciality tours for youngsters, and various marketing and sales solutions for fairs.


The VR experience in Tallinn TV Tower is unique in the whole world and has been tailor-made for the tower. “It is one of the most complex and technologically advanced VR experiences ever offered in Estonia. The VR experience at Tallinn TV Tower is not only thrilling; it also provides a bird’s eye view of the tower that has never before been witnessed by visitors,” said Maru VR’s CEO Lilit Palmar. “To make the experience believable, we have created a highly detailed model of Tallinn TV Tower. But the rest of the VR environment and the dynamics are also so convincing that stepping onto the UFO platform is a true challenge”, added VR director Rein Zobel,

Please click here for more detailed information on the attraction.


Additional information:

Jüri Kriisemann

Manager of Tallinn TV Tower Foundation

Telephone: 506 8088

E-mail: jyri.kriisemann@teletorn.ee

Rein Zobel

Maru VR, VR expert and Creative Manager

Telephone: 504 3003

E-mail: rein.zobel@maruVR.ee


Lilit Palmar

Maru VR, CEO

Telephone: 55522306

E-mail: lilit.palmar@maruVR.ee

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