Tallinn TV Tower brings the decisive hours of 1991 back to life

Tallinn TV Tower brings the decisive hours of 1991 back to life

This August 25 years will have passed from the restoration of Estonia’s independence, in the events of which the Tallinn TV tower played a critical role.To mark the occasion, the TV Tower is opening “August 1991”, ajourney of discovery taking visitors back 25 years in history.

august 1991

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This journey of discovery takes the form of an interactive quiz, offering visitors the opportunity to learn about the exciting factors that played such an important role for Estonia in those revolutionary days of August 1991, whileseparating myth from reality in the story of Estonia’s restoration of independence.Visitors will receive a sheetof paper containing 11 questions. Moving along with the sheet, they will be able to take part in 9 exciting stories.The journey of discovery will be open until the end of October.

According to Riina Roosipuu, Director of the TV Tower, the idea behind the journey of discovery is to offer moments of recognition and nostalgia to the generation that was a part of the events of August 1991, and to explain to youngsters and tourists, in a playful manner, the events of 25 years ago.In addition to the historic game there is also a children’s corner featuring popular toys from 25 years ago.

All those who complete the journey of discovery will be entered in a weekly drawing for Eckeröline tickets.On 20 August, the TV Tower will be hosting a Family Day event. A raffle will be held, with the grand prize being a trip for two with Nordica to Berlin, along with VIP passes to the TV tower there.

 20 August 1991 – Declaration of Estonian IndependenceJust before midnight, the Supreme Council of the Republic of Estonia decided that Estonia was no longer a part of the USSR and was once again an independent country.

Early on the morning of 21 August, Soviet paratroopers attempted to occupy the Tallinn TV Tower.People from across Estonia came to defend the Tower.A small group of armed defenders shut themselves in the communications rooms on the 22nd storey of the tower, where communication was maintained with the free world.Quick thinking to the rescue – the defenders blocked the elevator door using a box of matches, and the attackers had to climb to the top of the tower on foot.The paratroopers, who had finally reached the top of the tower and promised to blow up the door, were held at bay by the defenders, who threatened to activate the tower’s fire suppression system.Their actions provided much needed time, and the putsch was soon over…

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