Exhibition “The Living Universe”

Exhibition “The Living Universe”

Is humankind unique or are there other intelligent beings in the Universe? This question has piqued our interest for as long as we have been aware of our own existence. As science progresses, it has become increasingly clear that the laws of nature are uniform throughout the Universe, so life, being a natural phenomenon, could also be widespread in space. To answer this question in greater detail, we need to examine the mechanics behind the origin of life and the signs indicative of it, the conditions on planets orbiting distant stars, and by developing technologies that are capable of receiving signals from extraterrestrial life, should they come along.


The exhibition seeks answers to the following questions:

*What is life?

*What do we know about the Universe?

*How are we looking for life in the Universe?

*Have we found intelligent life beyond Earth?

*What does the future hold?

Put together by:

Antti Tamm, Elmo Tempel, Heli Lätt, Anu Reinart from the Tartu Observatory, Estonia; Mihkel Pajusalu from MIT, the University of Cambridge, USA; Mihkel Kama from Leiden University, the Netherlands; Alvo Aabloo from the Institute of Technology, University of Tartu, Estonia.

Event managers: Hälys Laanemäe, Ivar Kaldam (Tallinn TV Tower), Heli Lätt (Tartu Observatory).

Design concept and solutions: Produktsioonigrupp

Print: Digiprint

Sound design: Janek Murd

Editing and translation: Wiedemanni Translation Company

Images and videos from the archives of the European Space Agency (ESA), the European Southern Observatory (ESO) and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) were used in compiling this exhibition.

Special thanks to: Raivo Hein, Institute of Geology at the Tallinn University of Technology, Digiprint, Tallinn TV Tower


  • 01.01.2016