Tallinn TV Tower calling BASE jumpers from around the world

Tallinn TV Tower calling BASE jumpers from around the world

Next Monday, 11 July, 36 years will have passed from the opening of the Tallinn TV Tower.
Built over a period of five years by 32 construction companies, Estonias tallest structure was opened on 11 July 1980, for the Sailing Regatta of the Moscow Olympic Games, which were being held in Tallinn.

To mark the anniversary, a heart-pounding spectacle will be taking place on 10-12 July, directly in the outdoor area surrounding the TV Tower. The main attraction will be the traditional Base Jump Boogie an international meeting of BASE jumpers, which will be attended by 50 BASE jumpers from around the world. One BASE Jumper is coming all the way from Australia.

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Only very experienced BASE Jumpers will be allowed to jump, and they will only be jumping if the weather conditions are ideal. The Tallinn TV Tower is surrounded by a pleasant grassy area, located away from the City Centre with its high traffic and built up areas. This allows us to offer extreme sports enthusiasts the opportunity once each year to jump under luxurious conditions ā€“ as opposed to jumping from the edge of a cliff or a bridge, there is no need to climb along the edge of a mountain, instead one can ride up to the top in a lift explained Riina Roosipuu, Director of the Tallinn TV Tower.

A number of other activities will be taking place Wednesday in the outdoor area surrounding the TV Tower, from 10-17. Anyone who is interested can try Airbag jumps (11-12 July); awaiting children are the Crazy Professors laboratory, ETI games, quizzes and handicrafts, and the mammoth program from the Ice Age Centre. All activities taking place in the outdoor area are free. There will also be an expanded outdoor cafe.
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Anyone that is interested can also participate in the journey of discovery August 1991, created especially for this year, which takes visitors back 25 years in history.

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  • 10.07.2016