Raw buckwheat/smoky beetroot/Andre Farm cheese/hop syrup/herbs 9

Spiced Baltic sprats/rye Melba crisps/Crafter’s gin pickled cucumber/mustard potatoes/horseradish cream sauce 9

Fish tartare/fish roe/crispy bread/quail egg herbed mayonnaise 12

Poultry liver pâté/raspberry and fennel jam/pine nut and maple syrup cream/brioche 10

Estonian beef tartare/hemp/classic sides/smoked Baltic sprat sauce 12


Wild garlic/fresh cucumber/yoghurt 7

Fish/seafood/cream 8

Cream of onion soup/roasted deer 8


Duck breast/ black salsify cream/tarragon carrots/cherry and black tea sauce 18

Saaremaa venison sirloin/potato and black garlic cream/porcini/wine and juniper sauce 22

Lamb rump steak/potato and horseradish cream/cabbage/anise red wine sauce 20

Baked catfish fillet/green vegetables/parsnip cream/lemon verbena foam sauce 16

Shallow-fried zander fillet/potato and leek cream/wild garlic foam 18

Raw buckwheat/Estonian cultivated mushrooms/smoked beetroot 14


Rye malt cream/blackcurrant/spelt and nut biscuits 7

Meringue/yoghurt and quark mousse/sea buckthorn and carrot jelly/berries 7

Warm chocolate cake/juniper berry ice cream/caramel 7

Creamy chicken/crispy potatoes 6
Fish croquets/mashed potatoes 6