The seminar room on the first floor (i.e., the ground level) is a place for private and more personal gatherings. The room is easily accessible, being right next to the gift shop. Use of the room comes with a presentation pad, a 47-inch screen and public WiFi.

ruumide rent Teletorn 1. korruse seminariruum

The 1st-floor seminar room affords a spacious view of the TV Tower outdoor area.

It holds a maximum 15 people. The room can be rented every day (9:00-20:00).

Seminar floor Price
1-4 hours 120 €
5-8 hours 240 €

Suitable for:

  • Meetings and private conferences
  • Brainstorming and workshops
  • Seminars
  • Besides uses for official events, the seminar room is where birthday cake will be served during children’s birthday parties.