The education programmes on offer at the TV Tower are suitable for both basic and upper secondary schools

teletorn naitusesaal

We offer the programmes in Estonian, Russian and English.
Price of the programme per student is discount admission + 1€. Note: the price includes the tower admission price.

The programme lasts max 1 h 30 min. Group size of 15 and up.

Educational programmes cover seven topics:

  • TV programme “Television – window on the world”
  • History programme “Mida silm seletab” (What does the eye discern)
  • History programme “August 1991. Defendnig freedom”
  • Engineering programme “How to build a TV Tower?”
  • Sports programme “Mens sano in corpore sano”

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Book programmes for your class already today!

Our programme director Ivar Kaldam will be looking forward to your queries: or phone +372 5691 5616.


Catering can be ordered for all programmes.

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Tallinna TV Tower looks forward to your visit!