Tallinn TV Tower Run 2019



Tallinn TV Tower Run 2019

WFGT (World Federation of Great Towers) Towerrunning Challenge Estonian National Championship – Tallinn Tv Tower Run 2019.

Time: Saturday, 7th of April 2019. Race is open between 11.00-13.00.

Location: Tallinn TV Tower, Kloostrimetsa tee 58A, 11913, Tallinn, Estonia

Distance: 170 meters, 916 stairs. On 3rd and 13th floor are small corridors. Floors are numbered.

Registration and participation fees: Registration via internet is 15.- euros.
2000 born and younger 10 € Registration on the web will end on 31st of March.
On the spot entry fee is 20.- euros and must be paid in cash.
If you want to take part of the competition for clubs or companies, please write to info@trepijooks.ee for invoice.

Start: Gathering, registry and competition center is located on the second floor of the tower. Start to stairs is on the first floor. Start is individual, interval is every 15-20 seconds. Stairs turn to the right and is equipped with a metal handrail. For geater comfort we suggest to wear nonslipping gloves.

Timing: Timing is electronic with SI-chips, the rent is included in entry fee. After the race you are awaited back to the race center on the second floor, where finishing time will be downloaded from the chip. You will get printed ticket with Your time. The chip must be returned to the organizer.

Safety: Each participant is responsible for their health and physical ability to take part of the race. Medical staff for first aid will be avalable. Refreshing water will be avalable at the finish.

Spectators: If You are interested to observe the race, you will need to buy a extra ticket.

Dressing and baggage room: Wardrobe is located on the first floor. Bags can be left to coin operated lockers, or to the movie room. Clothes can be changed in the restroom.

Awarding ceremony: Organizer will reward top 3 men and women in absolute class, top three in each age group, top three in firefihter class and in the passing accuracy race, the best runners. In addition, all athlets take part of raffle. The awarding ceremony will take place as stated on timerable (about 30 minutes after final race).

Age groups:

M ja N 2000 born and younger
M ja N 1979 born and younger (absolute class with junior and veterans)
M ja N 1978 born and older

To get Estonian Championship medals must be Estonian citizenchip status.


The participants of the Tallinn TV Tower run respect the rules and regulations of the sport. The rules and regulations that apply to this event are set by the Towerrunning World Association (TWA). Meaning that the Estonian Anti-Doping Agency and any other organisation that has the right to carry out doping testing amongst all the participants can do so at this event.

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