The 20th of August: Tallinn TV Tower Family Day event



Tallinn TV Tower, Pirita district government and the Defence League present

For the eighth year in a row, the 20th of August – the anniversary of the restoration of the independence of Estonia – will be celebrated on the grounds of Tallinn TV Tower with a Family Day. Anyone interested in the restoration of independence events and the country and national defence is welcome at the tower. The outdoor activities for Family Day are FREE of CHARGE!

The overall goal of Family Day is to raise awareness among all participants on how to cope in trying situations and remind people of the importance of heritage and our forebears’ knowledge in resolving such situations.


The outdoor areas (activities are FREE of CHARGE):
11.00 Opening of Family Day and an introduction to the day’s schedule
11.15 Defence League’s Tallinn district band
12.00 Review of the Police rapid responders
13.00 Defence League Tallinn district big band
14.00 Review of the Noorkotkad (Young Eagles)
15.00 Mustad Kolonelid
16.00 Defence Force Eastern Single Company in mock battle
17.00 Uku Suviste and band

12.00 Curiosity Centre – TV show on the genetics exhibition “How to predict the future with a gene sample?”
13.00 Curiosity Centre – TV show on the genetics exhibition “What can we learn from GI tract bacteria in the elderly?”
14.00 Mini-conference “August 1991” – Aadu Jõgiaas
16.00 Curiosity Centre – TV show on the genetics exhibition “What does personalized mean in the medical context?”

Military vehicle outdoor exhibition – the TV Tower’s Kiviaia parking area will host an exhibition of NATO armoured vehicles, CV-90s and two Scania armoured transporters that children can ride on Kiviaia tee.

First aid and Rescue Board area – police, emergency services and the Recue Board talk about their work and equipment. An airsoft shooting range operated by Tallinn defence district of the Defence League will be open as well.

Food court – provided by Biteme (burgers), Donuts (donuts and iced tea), Grillfest lihamasin (grilled meat) and FoodAttack (burgers).

Crafts on the terrace of the second floor of the TV Tower, the TV Tower and the War Museum organize crafts workshops for children from 11-16.

The organizer reserves the right to make changes in the schedule.