KADI KÄESEL ART EXHIBITION: ‘Paintings with power’


29.05.2022 - 31.08.2022

Kadi Käesel’s first ever art exhibition ‘Paintings with power’

is opened on the 21st floor of TV Tower.

The paintings are abstract and they are of portraits or figures of women. The paintings are textured and layered, often used glitter and pearls.

The paintings are utterly feminine in nature and helps bring to life what is lacking or amplify the good that you already have.

All the paintings were painted only with good and right energy. The colors, symbols, signs and titles enhance the power of the paintings even more.

Through this exhibiton the painter wants to give people love, positivity and the feeling that everything in this world is possible.

About the artist – Kadi Käesel:

“I am a freelance painter and by proffesion I’m a makeup artist. Therefore I always carry around brushes and paint with me. I’ve been interested in arts ever since I was a child but only recently I have become really passionate about painting.

I have painted before but never with such endless energy and feeling.

The most important thing in my creative process is the right feeling, content and satisfaction. When my energy is low or I’m in a bad mood, I never reach for a brush. It’s not possible. In all of the pieces there is positive energy only. I start painting on an empty canvas without having an idea or a scetch.

All of my creative process is cognitive, the energy is right and good and there is enjoyable music in the background. The message I want to pass on with my painting becomes clearer at some point after I’ve added enough paint on the canvas. When the idea of a painting has become clearer, I become more aware of using symbols, signs, cognition.

During the creative process the painting keeps on changing until I feel it’s the exact right time to put away the brush.”