Base Boogie 2019 & 39th Birthday Party of Tallinn TV Tower


09.07.2019 - 11.07.2019

Base Boogie 2019 & 39th Birthday Party of Tallinn TV Tower

Tallinn TV Tower celebrates its 38th birthday from 9-11 July

A chill-inducing spectacle right outside the TV Tower! This year, we will get visitors from Lotte Village – the host of the day will be Lotte and her friend!

There are few towers whose birthday is marked by so many adrenaline-seeking extreme athletes, with a three-day international BASE jump event.


Base Jump Boogie  will feature around 60 BASE jumpers from all over the world.

Spectators can watch the event from the TV Tower outdoor area – free of charge!

As the BASE jumpers are leaping off the building from 12 am to 5.30 pm, children and adults can enjoy various activities at 12-17.30– kids’ attractions, an outdoor café, workshops, an ETI (TV Tower mascot) programme and much more.

Visitors from Lotte Village

This year, the Tallinn TV Tower will get visitors from Lotte Village of Inventors to find out who was the bright inventor to build such a tall tower and what it all has to do with television. In the inventors’ village there is an Internet Discovery Tower, which is also as high as the tree tops, but does not come even close to the TV Tower. Perhaps the secret lies in the TV?

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Juri Beljakov / Tallinna Teletorn Base Boogie 2018