170 metres, 870 steps! Stair Run practices.



170 metres, 870 steps!

Stair Run practices 2018: 14.03, 20.03, 27.03

Kloostrimetsa tee 58 A. Buses 34A ja 38 (Sokos Hotel Viru)
Price 6€.
Parking is free of charge.

– 17:30-17:55 gathering in TV Tower’s ground floor gift shop, changing clothes. Lockers available.
If arriving late, please pay entry fee at cash register of ground floor gift shop and follow us to the 2nd floor.

– Payment and briefing on the rules at cash register in ground floor gift shop.

Those who wish can warm up on their own in the TV Tower outdoor area.
We will provide instructions on the right technique to use, do warm-up exercises and run to the top of the TV Tower individually.

– 18:00 – the stair running starts, next to the lifts on the 2nd floor, on the left side.
The finish is on the 21nd floor, after which we will take the lift back to the ground floor and walk up the steps to the 2nd floor and those who want can run up again.
Important: Only upward running is allowed, no moving in the opposite direction please!

Run as much as you can – you can run up to the top as many times as you want or can within the allotted hour.
The last ascent will end five minutes before the end of the practice.

– Dress appropriately for the weather. The TV Tower stairs are protected from wind, rain and snow but it’s an unheated area. The faster you run, the fewer layers you’ll need. It’s advisable to wear gloves, because you’ll find you’ll be using your hands a lot besides legpower. Wear a watch to clock your speed.
– There are no shower facilities as this is a visitor centre that provides a unique opportunity to train in the “mountains”.

Bring your friends and conquer the heights!
Questions and more info:  kart.radik@teletorn.ee

Come and put your abilities to the test!

1.04.18- Tallinn TV Tower Run 2018. REGISTRATION IS OPEN HERE 

NEW! This year, Stair Run will feature a Health Day and children’s run so families and children are welcome besides elite stair runners