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“I am very glad that Tallinn TV Tower was used as a special part of an extreme sport series even though it was not possible to use the complete length of the stairs due to the renovation in progress,” said Tallinn TV Tower Foundation director Riina Roosipuu. “One can ascend our stairs to a height of 175 metres above ground level, which is the highest vertical elevation of any stairs in Estonia and thus it is quite a treat for extreme sports athletes.”

Roosipuu said that when it opens, the TV Tower is considering holding not only cultural events but extreme sports competitions as well. “BASE jumps have been made from the TV Tower in years past as well, but there are many other options – climbing, rappelling, bungee jumps, stair runs. Considering the extreme heights, these attractions are not for everyone, but for spectators they will certainly be exciting,” said Roosipuu.

Xdream (www.xdream.ee) is a series of adventure sports events, where teams compete on foot, bicycle and by canoe to traverse a course of checkpoints and perform extra challenges. The series consists of four stages. These take place all over Estonia. There are three members to a team. Each competition has a course A (longer) and a course B (shorter).

The Tallinn TV Tower (www.teletorn.ee) is a building constructed for broadcasting purposes and located in the Pirita district of Tallinn.  The TV Tower is the highest building in Tallinn or anywhere in Estonia – with a height of 314 metres. The continuing goals of the TV Tower Foundation are to provide quality tourism, cultural and recreational services in the Tallinn TV Tower and to market the Tower as an international destination and experience tourist site. The renovation of the TV Tower is supported by the European Regional Development Fund’s programme for development of cultural and tourism objects of national importance, which is being implemented by the Ministry of the Interior and Enterprise Estonia.